Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ghastly Gatlinburg

Apologies for the interruption in these history/mystery notes, quiz questions, etc. We were long-weekending near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where a friend periodically lets us stay at his mountain lodgings.

A developing tradition on this trip for us is “movie night.” Tim, our benefactor, keeps a good stock of old films on hand. Included are several classic horror black-and-whites. This time we settled back for a double-header: Frankenstein and Dracula, both released in 1931. The setting is perfect for reviewing Dracula: We’re snuggled near the top of a mountain; looking out the window, we see bright moonlight darkened by occasional clouds.

Incidentally, I discovered a haunted dining legend in Gatlinburg. Details shortly, in a separate missive. . . .


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