Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Vintage Short Mystery Classics"

Aficionados of period mystery stories hopefully will take advantage of this new, free resource of classic short fiction. Hornpipe Vintage Publications has just launched the “Vintage Short Mystery Classics” series of e-booklets at Each short story is so old it’s now in the public domain. It’s contained in an e-booklet (PDF format), available free of charge for downloading and viewing with Adobe Reader -- the reader program you probably already have on your computer, or can obtain at no cost on the Internet if you don’t.

Stories in the series include mysteries, ghost stories, stories of crime and justice, and other intrigues of fiction from authors past, including some you undoubtedly recognize and others whose works may not yet have come within your reading purview. Included in the first group of stories are “The Confessed Crime” (Tolstoi), “The North Mail” (Edwards), “The Inn” (Maupassant), “A Horseman in the Sky” (Bierce), “The Red Room” (Wells), “The Paradise of Thieves” (Chesterton) and “The Cobweb” (Saki). New stories are being prepared and will be added each month. Come back often to see what’s available.

Please let me know what you think of the e-packaging for this series. Note that you’ll find my own historical mystery series, “The Harper Chronicles,” advertised at the back of each storybook. But it really doesn’t matter whether you ever dabble into my own works. The main thing is that the tradition of historical mystery fiction be carried forward to new generations of readers. Let me know, please, how you think I can improve the project.

As always, thanks for reading!

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