Monday, November 28, 2005

Additional "Vintage" Stories Online

Two short stories have been added to the "Vintage Short Mystery Classics" series this month. "The Dancing-Partner" is English author/playwright Jerome K. Jerome's horror tale of entertainment gone awry. "The New Pass" is the second of Amelia B. Edward's fine ghost yarns posted to the series ("The North Mail" was among the first selections).

"Vintage Short Mystery Classics" are downloadable mystery/crime/ghost stories from yesteryear, now in the public domain and available in e-booklet format (PDF) at no charge. More stories are added to the list each month.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ghastly Gatlinburg

Apologies for the interruption in these history/mystery notes, quiz questions, etc. We were long-weekending near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where a friend periodically lets us stay at his mountain lodgings.

A developing tradition on this trip for us is “movie night.” Tim, our benefactor, keeps a good stock of old films on hand. Included are several classic horror black-and-whites. This time we settled back for a double-header: Frankenstein and Dracula, both released in 1931. The setting is perfect for reviewing Dracula: We’re snuggled near the top of a mountain; looking out the window, we see bright moonlight darkened by occasional clouds.

Incidentally, I discovered a haunted dining legend in Gatlinburg. Details shortly, in a separate missive. . . .