Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Missing Logbook

In researching the Flannan Islands mystery, I've been unable to locate the text of the actual log entries made by the lost lighthouse keepers during the days leading up to the tragedy. Fragments of notes have been published in different sources, but I'm keen to review the entire record. Do any of you know if it's obtainable, and where?

The three light keepers on station at the remote Scottish island of Eilean Mor in December 1900 vanished with no trace. There was evidence of a severe storm and the only natural explanation is that the keepers were swept away, probably in the vicinity of a lower landing area. Most researchers, however, question the likelihood that all three men -- sea-savvy veterans -- would have placed themselves at risk simultaneously, or even in succession. There seems to have been an assumed policy among lighthouse keepers that one man must stay inside to attend the light at all times.


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